Application I-AME 2024

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For any inquiries about participation or registration, feel free to contact us:

Ada Slivanská: Phone +420 245 001 711
Mobile +420 608 332 830

Věra Binarová: Phone +420 603 810 469

Embark on your creative journey and explore the world of music!

1/ The children's program is suitable for children under 14 years of age who pursue music as a hobby and have other activities. The lessons are shorter, the program is more varied, and we provide supervision in our free time.

2/ The Master Academy is for older participants, but we also welcome younger children with a serious interest in music with a view to further studies. They will get longer lessons, more chamber music, and a job in an orchestra.

3/ The jazz program has its own content and approach.

4/ We will enable music teachers to upgrade they education skills by attending our courses, where they can get acquainted with the teaching of Czech and foreign teachers.

5/ Passive participation is recommended to parents who accompany their children to courses, teachers, and family members. If they sign up, they can participate in the activities of the courses, accompany the children to the lessons and have free admission to all I-AME events and concerts, including a trip to Tloskov.
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If you already have an idea, choose from our educators who participated in I-AME in 2023. If the selected educator is not available for 2024, we will let you know. Each teacher can teach a maximum of 7 solo students, or lead a chamber ensemble.
This application serves as initial registration and for basic data collection. After sending it, we will reserve a place for you at I-AME 2024. Do you have a question? Write here 🙂