International Association for Music Education

“Magic Music in Magic Prague”

Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 21, 2024
Jan Deyl Conservatory of Music
Prague – Czech Republic

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United in Music

We offer a unique, condensed study opportunity. Our artists will engage with you to discuss and review your chosen repertoire, assisting you in overcoming technical challenges. They will provide guidance on the techniques of your instrument and share their thoughts on the musical phrasing of your selected pieces. With piano accompaniment, you will have the chance to prepare for a concert performance. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students or teachers on interesting chamber music repertoire.

Playing with artists can be a truly transformative experience. You will learn from their expertise and gain insight into their creative process. You will also witness the passion and energy that goes into creating music. Collaborating with artists will broaden your appreciation for the power of teamwork, as you work together to create something unique and special. The collective energy of the group will inspire you to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Playing with artists can also challenge you to reach new heights, as you strive to achieve the same level of artistry as those you are playing with.

Music Academy

The program is designed for music professionals or for the students of music. And also for children, who want to devote themselves to music for all their lives. To all of them our artists want to pass on their experiences.

Chamber Music

The chamber music is inseparable part of musical life and will accompany you for all your career. Playing in an ensemble you´ll learn to react on your colleagues, to harmonize, to create the common phrases. You will play together with the other students and also teachers. And also, you get to learn, that the musical harmony will bring you that human and never ending friendship.

Solo lessons

Your study will contain ten plentiful solo lessons. We assume you will participate the lessons of the other students too, because you can learn a lot from their playing as well. The integral part of your study will be also the piano tutoring. You will perform at concerts with rehearsed repertory.

No age limit

It doesn´t matter if you are thirty, twenty or ten years old. The most important is the effort to learn something, to get to know, to find out and to get a step closer to fulfil your dreams.

AIArt Music in Prague

Music students and professionals:

Are you one of our future colleagues, preparing for a career as a professional musician? Are you already professional? Then you surely want to devote yourself to activities in the summer time, which can help you improve your artistic development.

We offer you a unique opportunity of short but plentiful study. Our artists will discuss and talk with you over your prepared repertory and help you to eliminate technical difficulties. They will guide you through the tricks of your instrument and will share with you their opinion on the musical phrasing of the selected music composition. You will have the opportunity to prepare yourself for the concert performance with piano accompaniment. Together with your colleagues of the same level or with your teachers, you’ll study interesting chamber music repertory. That’s why we will require a record and/or recommendation of your teacher for your participation in our program.

At the end of your study, you will receive a diploma, certifying your participation in Master Lessons of the I-AME MUSIC ACADEMY. We want to help you at the start of your artistic career.

Summer Music Camp for children:

We will be delighted if you join us at the Music Camp for Children in Prague. We look forward to meeting you and creating a nurturing and creative atmosphere for your musical journey.

We welcome children who are just starting to learn how to play their instruments, those who love to paint, talented musicians of all ages who have been pursuing their hobby for several years, and those who want to pursue music throughout their lives and think about a professional career or already study music and want to improve and consult with top artists.

The course fees include accommodation in student’s dormitory, lunch, snacks for children, and dinner for children who are accommodated. The children will stay under qualified supervision – starting from takeover from the parents until their return, we know where they are and what they do.

Our camp will provide you with the opportunity to concentrate on your instrument and delve into the secrets of music. You will also be able to perform at concerts in the beautiful conservatory hall. On some of them, you’ll hear from us, who will happily spend several wonderful summer days with you.

Youth Program

Music camp is designed for those, who play on the instrument or sing just for joy and pleasure, the music is for them the free and leisure time activity, which brings them fun and entertainment, but they don´t consider it as their future profession.

Practicing and free time

For children, who are up to 14 years old we will provide supervision during the whole stay. Our “aunts” will check the times of lessons, will walk with children to collective program and for the meals (lunches for commuting ones, lunches and dinners for accommodated ones), they will make sure they will be prepared for the lessons and they will invent leisure entertainment.


The accommodation is in the dormitory of the conservatory where is limited number of rooms. It is included in the price of the stay. It is possible to commute to the campsite without accommodation, in which case a certain discount will be provided.

Orchestra and Concerts

Young musicians will have opportunity to play in the orchestra and perform in the concerts.


The jazz / Classical / Improvising Music Program:

The jazz / classical / improvising music program is independent courses for jazz players, students, and classical music students interested in jazz and impromptu music. For this program we will set up courses related to jazz, such as improvisation in chords, development of improvisational motives, application of jazz chords, mastery of jazz rhythms, and we will pick some practical jazz works to analyze with everyone playing.

For this program we will also set up a Jazz Band group. We will select some moderately difficult jazz standard pieces. Participants will get band rehearsal and solo training courses. We will divide the students into different small band groups for the training of the small band rehearsal classes, and reorganize and imitate different jazz works of different styles, as well as the playing methods of different musical instruments in the band. We will also conduct some targeted rehearsal courses for different musical instruments in the band’s improvisational thinking, as well as development and processing. The Jazz Band rehearsal course will be jointly completed with students and teachers who come to participate in I-AME Master Classes.

First of all, we will prepare the Jazz Band artwork for the rehearsal. Together with performances and rehearsals, we will also set up training sessions with respect to the structure, sounds, and functions of the Jazz Band’s various parts. We will also analyze and train the solo and accompaniment of different instruments in large band.

The program’s main coordinators and leaders are Cooper Shuwei Yuan – Guitar, Alexander Christianov – Piano, Ondřej Štajnochr – Double Bass and Bass Guitar, Tristan Michael Willems – Winds, Jaemin Lee – Drums.





Solo lessons - one instrument

Do you wish to devote yourself fully to your instrument and to enjoy one-hour lessons with your teacher every day of the week? Choose one instrument. You can choose with whom you would like to study and we will try to give you this opportunity. In your free time you may attend the lessons given by any teacher. You will also play in a chamber ensemble and you will perform with the prepared repertory at the concert, if your teacher suggest. We assume that you will spend your leisure time practicing and exercising on your instrument, to be able to improve in time for your next lesson.

Solo lessons - two instruments

Do you play two instruments and want to devote and pay attention to both of them? Decide, which of them is the main one, and which the second one – you’ll have 30 minutes’ lessons for each. The tuition will be slightly increased for this option. You’ll play in a chamber ensemble and you’ll perform at the concert. It will be needed you spend your free time by practicing, as we will require you to be prepared.

Creative program

This is designed for all children of the music camp younger than 14 years. Solo lessons will be shortened to 45 minutes, to be able to manage the fine art and creative program. During the creative program they will enjoy a lot of fun and they will create together an absolutely unique concert performance.

“Everyone, when they are young, knows what their destiny is. Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth. To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation. And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

Discount for repeated participation


No accommodation requested

Price for the second instrument

Individual Lesson at the
I-AME Music Academy

70 € / lesson

What can you do if you do not have enough time to participate in the whole program but you are interested in individual lessons at least? You may ask for them independently. Sign up in advance. You can arrange the terms of your lessons through our office. Your entrance to the concerts is free, but you will not perform at concert.


€ 1 200

Program for children up to 14 years of age. The basic price of the Music Camp for 10 days stay, from July 12 to July 21 (accommodation possible till July 22), includes daily solo lessons chosen instrument / instruments, chamber ensemble or orchestra experience. Tutoring with piano for those, who will need it. Children can join fine art and / or creative program. They and their chaperons will visit concerts and they will have the own performance.

The lunches, and snacks (for children) are included in price. For accommodated children breakfasts and dinners (on request). For small children, you should provide supervision (passive price).




€ 850


Enjoy Magic Prague when you accompany your child (or partner). Passive participants can attend solo and group lessons, concerts and other organized events. The price includes accommodation with breakfast in the dormitory, lunches and joint events from Friday 12 July to Sunday 21 July 2024 (accommodation is possible until 22 July).




Program for Jazz Musicians

€ 1 300



Music Academy for participants regardless of age who want to get the most out of the Academy, those who want to devote themselves to music, prepare for individual lessons and make the most possible progress. During the 10 days, starting on Friday, July 12 and finishing on Sunday, July 21, 2024 (accommodation till July 22), you will receive individual lessons, common masterclass and you will participate in playing in some chamber ensembles. We will provide you the piano tutoring. You can perform at concert with the prepared compositions. You will gain experience playing in the orchestra.


I-AME program for jazz musicians. You will have individual and group lessons, During individual lessons and while playing in a Big Band, you will understand and try out the basic principles of jazz improvisation under the guidance of experts, such as connecting and applying chords, types of improvisational motifs and their development, mastering jazz rhythms. Tuition include accommodation with breakfasts in student’s dormitory.