Complaint Conditions I-AME for Provision of Services


These Complaint Conditions regulate the procedures and conditions for filing complaints in relation to the provided services of music courses and education by the I-AME Association. Every client has the right to file a complaint in accordance with these conditions. Please carefully review these conditions before filing a complaint.

1. Definition of Complaint:

A complaint is an expression of a client’s dissatisfaction with the provided service, which does not meet the expected quality standard or is not provided in accordance with the agreed conditions.

2. Conditions for Filing a Complaint:

The client is entitled to file a complaint only in cases where there are defects or deficiencies in the provided services, which are attributable to the I-AME Association.

3. Procedure for Filing a Complaint:

The client is required to immediately inform the I-AME Association of any discovered defects or deficiencies and to file a complaint in accordance with the procedure set by the I-AME Association.

4. Form of Complaint:

Complaints must be submitted in writing via email to and must contain a detailed description of the discovered defects or deficiencies.

5. Resolution of Complaint:

The I-AME Association undertakes to investigate the complaint and resolve it as soon as possible and most efficiently. The client will be informed of the progress of the complaint resolution.

6. Remedial Options:

In the event of an acknowledged complaint, the I-AME Association may offer the client the following remedial options:

  • Repair or modification of the provided services.
  • Provision of alternative services.
  • Provision of discounts on future services.

7. Liability for Defective Services:

The I-AME Association is liable for the provision of defective services in accordance with applicable legal regulations and agreed conditions.

8. Timeframe for Filing a Complaint:

The client is obliged to file a complaint promptly after discovering a defect or deficiency, but no later than 24 hours from the provision of the service.

9. Final Provisions:

These Complaint Conditions are valid and effective from the publication on the website of the Association. The I-AME Association reserves the right to change these conditions at any time, of which the client will be informed via the website.