Miloslav Tengler

Miloslav Tengler

Clarinet, saxophone

Miloslav Tengler studied clarinet at the Prague Conservatory where he graduated in 1979. He continued his education in recent years, when he completed an accredited school management study at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University.

Since 1980 he has been teaching the young generation, and his pedagogy practice is more than 37 years long. Currently he works at Jan Hanuš Art Basic School as a director and a pedagogue (clarinet, saxophone and recorder).

At the same time he is a teacher of woodwinds instruments at the Jaroslav Ježek School for the visually impaired (recorder, clarinet, saxophone, flute). In the past, he was a pedagogue at Jan Deyl Conservatory, a deputy director at the Gymnasium and Music School of the City of Prague, or was a deputy director at Art Basic School Voršilská.

As a clarinetist he worked for 15 years in the AUS Symphony Orchestra and in the Czechoslovak State Folk of Songs and Dances.