Lihay Bendayan

Super Dong, Ph.D.,

cooperative artist, China.

Super Dong, Ph.D., is a full-time teacher at the School of Humanities and Arts, China University of Mining and Technology. He is a double tutor for postgraduate students in the Department of Music and the Department of Journalism and Communication, and the deputy director of the Pop Music Research Center. He is currently the director of the Chinese Vocalist Association, a special doctoral supervisor at Galle University in Thailand, and a vocal coach for artists. He has visited DSU in the United States and UOW in the United Kingdom, and has performed in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia. As a young singer and artist, he has been active internationally, gaining work, learning, and performing experiences with many artists worldwide. In 2018, Super Dong was the first pop singer invited to perform at the Baocheng Performing Arts Hall of Taichung Education University, where he was awarded “Pop Music Singer” for his versatile voice and outstanding stage presence.

He has won three international vocal competition awards and more than 20 domestic vocal awards. As a part-time teacher, he has been employed at many provincial and ministerial universities, held more than 50 large-scale concerts and drama performances, and served as a judge in over 100 singing and drama competitions. In terms of singing and teaching, he can accurately master the pronunciation rules and skills of singing in five languages and has insights into the world’s advanced vocal music concepts.